Glo Spa is original—not merely for the sake of originality—but simply as the natural end-result of all creative contributions that each staff member makes. Our basic business philosophy includes every aspect of the salon: from the ambiance to the service, from cleanliness to the salon/guest care team members. Our philosophy combines old and new, traditional and progressive, in a creative and ever-changing environment.

We cannot stress strongly enough the desire that everyone work together as a team. The spirit of mutual respect and cooperation among associates is a tremendous help in accomplishing all that is required in a smoothly-running organization.

We concentrate on efficient, friendly, impeccable service, using the latest technique and consistent classic looks. We pride ourselves as a salon that has a strong commitment to continuing education. It is very important to us that we stay in-tune with our surroundings. We will maintain our reputation of one of the best, if not the best, salon in Manhattan.

The staff at Glo is always open to new trends, ideas and people. It could be that you have something unique to add to the creative mix that is Glo Spa. We are always looking for talented people to join our team!